On the Table and similar programs carve out a moment for people to come together around a common purpose, listen to understand each other, and learn from other’s experiences. Recent events are calling for more participation in programs like On the Table and others that can help us come together, boldly and with purpose, to take action.

Hosting an On the Table: A brief guide to virtual and in-person conversations

Want to Take a Stand With our Partners?

Our partners are making the Chicago region better with the work they do every day. We encourage you to lend your voice to these important conversations hosted by partners of On the Table:

Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation (THRT) is hosting a series of virtual racial healing circles. The purpose of racial healing circles is to understand how racism intensifies the stress for people of culture, how we can create reciprocal systems of support and begin the transformation of oppressive systems individually and communally. You can find more information about THRT and their upcoming racial healing circles on their website: https://www.transformchi.com/