Large Scale Partner Conversations

You’re already making the Chicago region better with the work you do every day.

We encourage organizations to use On the Table to focus the energy and passion of your stakeholders – volunteers, donors, staff and those who benefit from your programs, products and services – to advance your mission.

On the Table has proven that Chicago-are residents share a desire to come together, collaborate more, become more civically involved and more committed to our community. Never has this been more important than now.

When people come together, powerful things happen. Our progress will be the result of residents and organizations working together and contributing to a greater solution that helps strengthen the place we call home.

What you do matters – and when we come together, to learn from and with each other, we have the power to create a stronger Chicago. That’s what On the Table is all about.

We invite you to lend your voice to this important conversation.

The Trust will provide additional resources and supports to hosts that commit and register host 20 or more tables (200+ participants). Inquire for details.

To learn more and register, contact Maritza Bandera or Karla Bailey of the On the Table Outreach Team at 866-737-6951 or via email at


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